Sustaining and preserving your works of art

Long-Term Care

We offer scheduled on-going seasonal and annual maintenance programs for your collections. These plans include regular inspections, cleaning, and specialized maintenance of 2D and 3D objects, both indoor and outdoor. Our technicians are fully equipped to deal with all manner of artwork, including bronze, glass, resin, steel, plastics, aluminum, painted objects, and mixed media.

Preventative Maintenance

Protecting artwork from the hazards of the environment and the risks of everyday exposure through a schedule of regular maintenance programs is critical for increasing the longevity of any art collection. Our qualified technicians are experts at caring for both outdoor and indoor pieces. Preventative maintenance can help divert if not entirely forestall negative processes such as oxidation, corrosion, infestation, rot, and other long and short-term environmental damage.

Conservation and Restoration

The Art Collective provides a full range of conservation services through a network of qualified professionals and authorities based on the given medium. Please email us to inquire further.

Reach out

Contact us for more information or schedule a consultation online. To secure a meeting with us, please select a date + time and enter your credit card information for a temporary hold of $75. Estimates are complimentary; hold fees can apply to your final bill.